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Last Updated: 1/5/2022 5:22 PM

CHS Student Job Board


This board is an opportunity to connect student job-seekers with potential employers in the area.  Whether you are trying to fill your staff or you're looking for an individual who can grow with your company after they graduate, submit your available positions to us and we would be happy to post them.  Job submissions must be screened before posting; if your listing isn't posted within a reasonable amount of time after you submit it, reach out to us and we will look into it.


**STUDENTS** If you need a work permit as part of the application process, the form can be picked up in the Chequamegon High School Office.  Minors under the age of 16 must have a work permit to accept employment in the state of Wisconsin.  More information about work permits can be found at the  Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development website .


**EMPLOYERS** To submit your job opening, visit our  CSD Student Job Submission Form  and fill in the information.  You can contact CHS Student Counselor Kelly Patterson at (715) 762-2474 ext. 2227 with any questions you might have and submit openings over the phone.




Park Pharmacy Call Mckenzie or stop in

Assisting customers, register, small cleaning task, delivering prescriptions, and other duties as assigned

Hours: 1-6 or 3-6 weekdays, 1 weekend a month

N/A Must be 16 with a driver's license


Submitted; 12/29/21

Phillips Plating Bridget Jeske

Production; entry level positions include Rackers and Inspectors. Rackers attach raw product parts on racks to go into the Line for Plating. Inspectors will inspect the finished chrome parts for defects and pack good parts back in boxes/shipping containers.

To apply: stop in at 984 North Lake Avenue to pick up an application.

Pay range: $12.00/hr

N/A Must be 16 or older


Submitted; 01/02/22

Northern Pines Resort John Douglass; Resort Manager

Help clean cabins for new guests. Weekends, some mornings.

To apply: email or call with interest, then possible in-person interview

Pay range: $10.00-12.00, depending upon experience



Submitted; 01/04/22

Wild Woods Taxidermy Studio LLC Travis - owner

This is a position for a talented artist. Someone with a great eye for detail and symmetry to train along side me a learn to be a high end, professional taxidermist. We’re looking for someone with the drive and willingness to never quit learning and always eager to be one of the best. You do not need to have taxidermy experience, but must be an artist. This is an artist position and that would be the primary job, however you would learn all aspects of of what we do in order to understand the steps and how important the process is for each project. General shop clean up, etc is also required of anyone on the team. We all work together. This is a full time position and I’m looking for someone interested in sticking around long term and being part of a growing business.

To apply: you can call the studio at 762-5550 or email at to set up an appointment. Or stop in the studio in person right on highway 13 in Fifield, WI

Pay range: Depending upon experience