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Governance Board

The Governance Board is made up of 7 local volunteer or appointed community members and meets the third Monday of September, October, January, February, March, April, and May from 7:30-8:30 A.M. in the Charter School, Room 123 of the high school.  Additional meetings are scheduled as needed, and all meetings are posted on our home webpage calendar. They are open to the public.  If you are interested in serving as a board director, please complete the application located on this page.

2018 - 2019 Governance Board Minutes
August 20, 2018
September 17, 2018
September 14, 2018
October 15, 2018
​November 14, 2018
November 20, 2018
November 26, 2018
December 17, 2018
January 14, 2019
January 21, 2019
February 7, 2018

2017-18 Governance Board Minutes
September 25, 2017
October 16, 2017
November 13, 2017

December 18, 2017
January, 2018 - No Meeting Held
February 12, 2018
March 19, 2018
April 16, 2018
May 17, 2018

2016-17 Governance Board Minutes
September 19, 2016
October 17, 2016
​December 19, 2016
January 16th, 2017
February, 2017 - No Meeting Held
March 21, 2017
May 1, 2017 (April Meeting)


Mike Homann

​Tracy Linsmeyer

Nancy Nesbit

Mike has lived in the City of Park Falls since 1977. He is married with 3 adult children all attended School in Park Falls and have gone on to college and are doing very well. 

Mike owned and operated an electronic sales and service store in Park Falls for many years and have since retired and currently works a few hours a week for Supportive Home Service as a CNA doing in home health care. 

Mike has been on the Park Falls Library Board since the early 80s and is currently the board president.

Currently a board member of the CSD FabLab.

Mike studies Pshi Kai Do Karate in Park Falls and have been teaching it in the community for 35 years.

Mike can be contacted at:

Kristin Palecek

Kristin Palecek works as the environmental manager at Flambeau Rivers Papers.  She is an avid outdoor person, enjoying especially cross-country skiing and gardening.  She is also a former Jaycee member and a current Park Falls Chamber Board member.  Kristin says “there are many kids who would benefit from this program.  It would also be great to keep some homegrown talent in Park Falls.”  

​Kristin can be contacted at kpalecek@csdk12.net.

Tracy's hobbies are reading, gardening and enjoying the great outdoors. She is an Asst. V.P. at The First National Bank of Park Falls. Some of her community experiences are working the Senior Expo in Phillips representing The First National Bank and she has participated in the Flambeau Rama parades for The First National Bank. ​

Tracy feels that the charter school is a very important part of the education for those students that are geared toward hands on learning. 

Deborah Richter

Deb is a business owner in Park Falls who utilized alternative methods of education in her own life. She believes in giving back to the community and see Class ACT as an opportunity to support the education that made her successful.

You can contact Deb at:

Misty Bolier

Misty is a local business owner and is a parent of a Class ACT student. She is active in the community and is fully supportive of the Class ACT mission.

Misty can be reached at misty@mybbinsurance.com

Nancy Nesbit is a highly involved member of the community.  She was a small business owner--Back-n-Action PT LLC—and now currently works for Park Manor Nursing Home as a physical therapist.  She often makes a point to associate herself with local sports teams as well as athletes. Nancy previously served on the Price County Health/Wellness Committee on an as-needed basis. Nancy is “interested in supporting a non-traditional program for our kids’ futures.”  

​Nancy can be contacted at nnesbit@csdk12.net.

Michael Bablick

Michael is an Alderman for the city of Park Falls and the administrator for the Park Falls Area Community Development Corporation.

​Michael can be contacted at mbablick@outlook.com


Judy Reas

Judy currently works as an EMT, and has experience working in accounting, banking, law office, teaching EMT class and management. My hobbies include gardening, raising goats, bees and chickens and knitting.

Judy is passionate about educating our youth and providing safe, effective tools for success.

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