• Correction: The middle school/high school choir concert is at 7:00 pm on December 18th, not December 17th as listed in the District Newsletter.
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End of the Day...students waiting for the bus
End of the Day...
Waiting for the Bus
Kindergarten students creating their own toys from recycled items.
Kindergarteners the Toy Experts
Second graders sharing their books
2nd Graders sharing their books
Part 2 of Park Falls Elementary Staff 2019-2020
Park Falls Elementary Staff - Part 2
Picture 1 of Park Falls Elementary School Staff 2019-2020
Park Falls Elementary School Staff 2019-2020


The Park Falls Elementary School Bell - Story of the Bell

The school bell, located in front of the elementary building, once rang in the bell tower of the Washington School.  Superintendent Harry D. Frokjer helped make arrangements for the bell's new home in the summer of 1974.  In its new home, the bell was rung from a switch in the elementary office to announce the end of recess. It is still in good working order.

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Provide educational opportunities in partnership with our community which inspires students and prepares them for global success.


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Today's Tip for Parents

Plan to get screen time under control

Today's Tip for Parents

Review homework to reinforce learning

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Park Falls Elementary Exceeds Expectations on State School Report Card for 2018-19!

The Wisconsin School Report Card for 2018-2019 school year was released today, November 12, 2019.  Park Falls Elementary School scored a 75.9, ranking in the “Exceeds Expectations” category.

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