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Chequamegon Strategic Plan 2023

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Strategic Planning Process 2023

In May of 2023, the Chequamegon School Board made the decision to engage in a process to renew the District's Strategic Plan.  The District's previous Strategic Plan was adopted in 2020 and ran through 2022.  The process utilized in this renewal started with the formation of the V.E.S.T.  (Vision Element Study Team) made up of members of the community.  The V.E.S.T.  was charged by the Board with creating a community event that renews the strategic vision guiding the District in preparing students to become self-sufficient, highly prepared adults.  The V.E.S.T.  created a two-night community conversation  to bring in members of the community to talk about the District, it's history and it's future.  On October 26th and October 30th, about 80 members of the community participated over two nights and talked about various aspects of the District.  The data gleaned from this event will next be used by the V.E.S.T. to create a strategic vision and the primary elements of that vision which will be presented to the Board for consideration.  If the Board adopts this proposal, the District's administrative team will then develop the strategies necessary to implement this new strategic plan.  There are still several steps involved in this process of development, so stay connected for further updates.  


Current CSD Mission and Vision

The V.E.S.T. will examine the current mission and vision of the District to determine if these are still valid moving forward with a potential new strategic plan.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Chequamegon School District is to provide educational opportunities in partnership with our community which inspires students and prepares them for global success.  

Vision Statement:  Educate. Inspire. Empower Lifelong Learners.

Key Strategic Planning Dates

Community Conversation Night One:  October 26, 2023

Community Conversation Night Two:  October 30, 2023

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Community Conversation Results