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Substitute Teaching at Chequamegon

CSD Substitute Teachers


One of the bedrock elements of any school district is a pool of qualified, tempered substitute teachers.  With little-to-no-warning, a capable substitute will come into a classroom and take charge in the primary teacher's stead.  They can steer students through the academic waves of the day and keep them focused on the work at hand.  

To be a substitute teacher you need an associate degree or higher and complete training designed for you.

  • Substitute teaching is flexible work - schedule only the days you want using a computer or app on your phone

  • Substitute teaching is rewarding - get to know kids in our community

  • Substitute teaching is helpful - when our district teachers are sick or need a professional leave day, substitutes keep the kids learning on track


Substitute teacher training

This training opportunity is for those who have an Associate's degree or higher and would like to be eligible for a 3-year Substitute Teacher License. This training will be paid for by the District.

For online training, you can visit:

To apply for your Three-Year Short-Term Substitute Teacher License, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website and they will walk you through the application process.


Thank you for your interest in the Chequamegon School District; we look forward to your candidacy.

It is the policy of the District that no person may be illegally discriminated against in employment by reason of their age, race, religion, creed, color, disability, pregnancy, marital status, sex, citizenship, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest record, conviction record, military service, membership in the National Guard, state defense force or any other reserve component of the military forces of Wisconsin or the United States, political or religious affiliation, use or nonuse of lawful products off the employer's premises during nonworking hours, declining to attend a meeting or to participate in any communication about religious matters or political matters, the authorized use of family or medical leave or worker's compensation benefits, genetic information, or any other factor prohibited by state or federal law. Reasonable accommodations shall be made for qualified individuals with a disability unless such accommodations would impose an undue hardship on the District. A reasonable accommodation is a change or adjustment to job duties or work environment that permits a qualified applicant or employee with a disability to perform the essential functions of a position or enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment compared to those enjoyed by employees without disabilities. Any questions or requests concerning this policy should be directed to Tim Kief, District Compliance Officer, 400 9th St. N, Park Falls, WI, 54552, 715-762-2474,, or Coordinator of District Title IX, Section 504, and ADA programs: Jessica Folstad, 400 9th St. N, Park Falls, WI, 54552, 715-762-2474, (School Board Policy 2660)