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Widening Our World Funding

W.O.W. Funding graphic

Want to Experience the World? Widening Our World (W.O.W.) funding can assist you.

There are four types of funding available:

  • Payment of tuition and costs for student attending a non-district program
  • Travel and costs for a student of a summer intern or job program
  • Payment of stipend and/or travel expenses to bring  a spokesperson to a classroom or school
  • Assist with group costs of travel and attendance to a non-school program on an individual basis

Questions and requests can be made by contacting building principals or any W.O.W. Board Member or visiting the Chequamegon School District website for an APPLICATION. Grants are determined by the funds available at the time of the request.  

W.O.W. Board members are: Kathy Rose, Carol Mader, Nicole Brunner, Maria Hecimovich, Beth Graceffa and Darlene Carl

Applications must be submitted prior to the January 15th, May 15th, or September 15th deadlines each year for consideration.

Contributions made to the W.O.W. Trust are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

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